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Polytex plans expansion into European markets

Polytex Technologies, suppliers of automated solutions for dispensing, retrieval, and management of textiles in the healthcare, hospitality, and industrial sectors, is expanding its international business activities and growing its distribution base in key markets in Europe.
With hundreds of systems deployed worldwide, the Israel-based company, founded in 2003, is now looking for additional partners who want to represent Polytex solutions in key markets.
Each Polytex unit is designed much like a standard closet, with a large capacity for holding folded textile items. With its small footprint, it fits comfortably into spaces like hallways and entranceways and provides an ideal solution for industries that require employees to wear clean, laundered uniforms, such as hospitals, hotels and manufacturers, said Tomer Poliner, CEO of Polytex Technologies.
“With so many satisfied customers, we realize the market is just getting started, growing steadily every day. As such, we’re looking for additional partners who want to get on-board with this exciting initiative, and represent Polytex solutions in key markets.”

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