The Polytex D200 Textile Dispensing Unit stores and distributes textile items. Ideal for small and medium size installations, it identifies each user and, based on the user’s predefined privileges, allows the user to choose the desired textile items using an easy-to-use touch screen. The Dispensing Unit is based on patented Polytex technology that ensures high reliability and enables quick dispensing and easy refilling of the unit.

The D200 unit can be installed in any of the following configurations:

  • 12 double-height cells
  • 6 double-height-cells and 12 standard-height cells
  • 24 standard-height cells

Key Benefits:
  • Small footprint and high capacity – stores up to 500 folded items of up to 1.5 cm in height.
  • Fast dispensing of items (8-10 seconds).
  • Simple and easy-to-use control interface.
  • Personalized access with a personal ID card.
  • A single system can handle textile items that vary in size, color or type.
  • Fast and simple system replenishment (typically less than one minute for 100 items).
  • Supports emergency conditions that demand rapid and immediate distribution.


230V 50 Hz / 115V 60 Hz


Overall dimensions: 180 (w) x 80 (d) x 225 (h) cm (70.87 x 31.5 x 88.6 in)

Standard-height cell: 22 (w) x 38 (d) x 22 (h) cm (8.66 x 14.96 x 8.66 in)

Double-height cell: 22 (w) x 38 (d) x 63 (h) cm (8.66 x 14.96 x 24.8 in)

Note: The cell width can be adjusted.