Polytex Technologies has successfully implemented multiple automated medical textile management systems in hospitals and healthcare institutions − eliminating scrub and personnel garment shortages, while also improving infection control efforts.

Hospital and healthcare administrators are continually looking for processes and solutions that reduce costs, improve performance and drive workflow efficiency. Textile handling, scrubs dispensing and garment management is one area where automation can yield huge benefits. And that’s where we come in.

Polytex Technologies offers automated textile management systems ( including rfid system scrubs ) , that can be incorporated into new and existing hospital and healthcare facilities. Our systems are made up of units with a small footprint that can be placed almost anywhere in a variety of functional areas, including the entrances to departments and operating rooms.

With automated and optimized textile management, healthcare institutions can ensure 24/7 scrub and garment availability, while also reducing scrub and garment inventory requirements. Personnel can concentrate on their medical roles, without wasting searching for clean and fitting garments. Scrubs Dispensing Machine