Hygiene standards at medical facilities must be maintained at a consistently high level, prepared to meet even the most extreme situations. Sudden outbreaks of viruses and bacteria can spread quickly, and the work garments worn by the medical staff can be a ready vehicle for further contamination.

Medical personnel are typically vigilant about hygiene measures like washing hands and using gloves, masks, and surgical gowns. However, a lack of always available and accessible clean workwear, or slow, manual processes for distributing and returning clothing, can make workwear hygiene maintenance challenging.


A dependable workwear management solution is vital for every hospital environment.

Polytex addresses this challenge – with reliable, industry-proven automated solutions for workwear collection and dispensing that reduce the likelihood of spreading disease.

With Polytex automated workwear management, hospitals, medical facilities and laundry service providers can deliver a clean workwear supply that meets the highest hygiene standards.


The Polytex advantage: Industry expertise and hygiene support

Polytex’s automated system promotes higher standards of hygiene in medical facilities. It supports the entire workwear laundry lifecycle with a range of automated machines backed by centralized cloud management and monitoring applications. Polytex has industry-proven experience, with systems installed in hospitals around the world.

  • Polytex Technologies’ reliable and fully automatic system ensures no human contact, consistent with the most stringent hygiene and protection requirements.
  • The monitored procedure allows organizations to track the workwear replacements of each staff member, to ensure availability and frequent changes of clothes.

The system minimizes the risk of infection from contaminated items of clothing and prevents further germ and virus transmission.

  • Effective infection prevention: A fully automated closed system enables hands-free dispensing and collecting of uniforms. Garments are kept in a clean environment and delivered individually.
  • 24/7 availability: Easy access and constant availability encourage frequent replacement of workwear, with no need for dedicated manpower to handle distribution.
  • Flexible deployment: Polytex systems can be installed at strategic locations within the medical facility for fast, on-demand workwear supply, while avoiding unnecessary congregation and crowding together of medical personnel.


About Polytex Technologies

Established in 2003, Polytex Technologies is a leading provider of workwear management solutions. Polytex supports the entire workwear laundry lifecycle with a wide range of automated machines backed by centralized cloud management and monitoring applications. Our solutions are used by hospitals and healthcare institutions around the world. Polytex has over 2,000 installed machines located in North and South America, Europe and Asia.