Polytex automated textile management systems enable hotels and other hospitality establishments to manage and monitor employee uniforms and guest towels.

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With automated and easy-to-use textile management, hospitality sites can streamline inventory, optimize efficiency and increase guest satisfaction.


In order to manage and monitor towels used by guests, Polytex units can be placed near the swimming pool or gym. Hotel guests can then use their room key to take clean towels and return used towels. This increases efficiency prevents guests from leaving used towels lying around or removing them from the area. 

Employee Uniforms:

Hotel uniforms are an important factor in the overall guest experience, and reveal a tremendous amount about an organization. Managed correctly, uniforms communicate an image of professionalism and reliability to guests. However, the wide variety of departments and employee duties mean many types of garments are required, and therefore special consideration is needed when implementing a hotel apparel program.

With Polytex Technologies, you can benefit from full control and monitoring of hotel employee uniforms and 24/7 apparel availability –helping ensure an enhanced guest experience. scrubs vending machine