How Polytex Brought Towel Service to TAU Sports Complex

“Gym members often forget to bring a towel to their workout session. We maintain high hygiene standards and therefore they are denied access to the gym unless they bring a towel. This is an embarrassing situation influencing customer experience” says TAU Sports Complex manager. “We were looking for a solution, a towel service option”. The solution came with Polytex Towel Rental System.

It became clear to TAU Sports Complex management that many of their members would prefer paying a small amount for a towel rental to gain easy access to towels. “Washing my towel at home can be a hassle” says Danielle, a student at Tel Aviv University and a member of the TAU sports complex. “I would rather rent a towel, return it when I am done and avoid carrying a wet towel through the rest of the day.” TAU Management responded to its students’ requests, and therefore decided to partner with Polytex.

Polytex Towel Rental System is an automated plug and play towel dispenser, based on a unique patented technology. It is used around the world in fitness centers, hotels, healthcare institutions and manufacturing sites.

System installation requires only electricity and network connection. “It took a few days for people to stop wondering what this machine is all about. Today, it is a vending machine like any other.” says TAU Sport Complex manager. “We did not have to make any preliminary investment to introduce the towel service, Polytex provides us full service, hassle-free operation. The towel dispenser is easy to use, so there never any lines”

Danielle loves the improved service quality. “It changes the energy of how I start my workout. Exercise does not come naturally to me, so every little bit helps. The machine is easy to use, there are never any lines. Having no logistical barriers to start my workout helps me overcome the voice in my head that says going home to watch Netflix would make me happier.” she says.”I tried other gyms, but this was another proof that TAU is constantly focused on improving my experience. I do not see myself leaving anytime soon.” she adds.

 “The service has paid for Itself and made us a profit from day one” Alongside improving customer service, TAU Sports Complex is conscious of costs and revenue increase. “This makes Polytex Towel Rental System a perfect partner,” says TAU Sport Complex manager. “It comes down to the numbers. For each towel rental transaction, we keep certain percent for acquisition and maintenance costs. The remaining is pure profit.

“Our members are happy to pay because it makes their lives easier. Every recreational center and customer base are different. You need to run your own numbers. For us, it has been profitable,” says TAU Sport Complex manager. It is incredible what a big differentiator this has been for us. You help members meet fitness goals and transform their lives, while driving your organization towards success. Your members become advocates and do the marketing for you,” says TAU Sport Complex manager.

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