Loewenstein Hospital cuts garment purchasing expenses by 30%



“Embracing Polytex’s solution is one of the smartest moves we could have made. It completely transformed the garment management process and created a more pleasant work environment.” Stauber Yehuda, Hospital Warehouse Manager



The Challenge

Loewenstein Hospital, the largest rehabilitation center in Israel, was dissatisfied with its garment management procedures. The inefficient garment dispensing and retrieval process required more than 2 full-time employees, the hospital’s annual uniform and scrubs repurchasing expenses reached hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the hospital still faced poor satisfaction reviews from many of its 700 employees. Loewenstein Hospital was looking to transform the garment management workflow and significantly improve its productivity, convenience and cost-efficiency levels.


The Solution

In 2016, Polytex placed two dispensing and retrieving systems following a thorough implementation process that included strategizing, employee characterization and detailed explanations. The systems serve the hospital’s 800 employees around the clock and include built-in cameras that monitor the retrieved items and alert the manager regarding any discrepancies.


The Results

Reduced cost: Garment purchasing expenses decreased by 30% and instead of 2 full-time employees, the hospital now employs a part-time manager to oversee the entire process.

Monitoring and tracking: Polytex’s systems carefully monitor each item and notify managers in case a retrieved garment is in poor condition.

Increased employee satisfaction: Loewenstein Hospital leads the state’s employee satisfaction rankings, with respondents specifically crediting Polytex’s systems for contributing to their overall satisfaction.

Increased productivity: The automated garment management process and the systems’ 24/7 availability created an organized, efficient workflow. Employees who worked during the weekend were offered the same excellent service as always.


The Benefits

Cost-efficiency: Automated solutions cut avoidable costs by protecting and monitoring existing garments, as well as minimizing the need for dedicated manpower and floorspace.

Availability: Automated solutions take no breaks and are available around the clock and on weekends. This is particularly important for organizations that operate at all times.

Employee empowerment: An elaborated implementation process empowers employees to handle much of the process themselves, without having to rely on others’ availability.

Hygiene standards: The monitored procedure allows organizations to ensure that every dispensed item meets the required hygiene standards.


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