“While we can measure the time and money we saved thanks to Polytex, it is impossible to quantify our level of enthusiasm and satisfaction with the results. Let’s just say it was enough to convince additional departments that automated garment management is the way to go.” Tamir Ben Shimol, System Manufacturing Manager


The Challenge

Orbotech, an advanced micromanufacturing solutions provider, was frustrated with the poor resource efficiency involved in the company’s clean room garment hygiene management. Over 8 hours a week were dedicated to manually managing textile hygiene-related tasks. Orbotech was eager to find a simple and cost-effective automated solution that maintained the company’s impeccable hygiene standards.


The Solution

By placing two D200 garment dispensing systems, Orbotech was able to completely automate the
textile management process. Polytex’s technology significantly enhanced Orbotech’s control over the
workwear dispensing procedure and the company’s garment inventory, ensuring that all clean room
garments remain uncontaminated, while significantly reducing the invested resources.


The Results

Reduced cost: Orbotech managed to reduce the number of items used by employees by over 30% and saved over 8 work hours per-week.

Hygiene quality: The automated garment dispensing solution standardized Orbotech’s hygiene level by preventing the usage of unauthorized cleaning methods.

Monitoring and management: Via the Polytex Manager app, Orbotech was able to track and analyze the company’s workwear inventory resulting in more efficient textile management.

Employee training: Polytex provided a comprehensive implementation and training program, engaging the employees and providing the opportunity to experience the automated solution’s benefits firsthand.


The Benefits

Cost-efficiency: Automation eliminates a great deal of the costs and frustration associated with manual garment hygiene management.

Hygiene standards: Creates a simple and reliable garment dispensing routine that is closely monitored allowing companies to know exactly how each item was handled.

Employee training: The Polytex team provides a user – friendly implementation procedure that encourages employees to stay committed to the success of the automation project.


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