The Polytex Multilocker stores and distributes textile items, medical shoes and PPE.

Polytex Multilocker is ideal for both small healthcare institutions as well as big ones. It identifies each user via personal ID card or via a biometric reader, and allows the user to take his or her item for their working day, using an easy-to-use touch screen. The Polytex Multilocker ensures high reliability, high hygiene standards and enables quick dispensing and easy refilling of the unit. Smooth Intergradation with Polytex Manager and Polytex Dispensing and Retrieval Units.

Available in two models:
  • T26 with 26 cells (recommended for clogs and medical shoes).
  • T34 with 34 cells.

Key Benefits:
  • Unlimited scalability of cabinets in one location.
  • Fast dispensing of items (5 seconds).
  • Separate return unit is available.
  • User friendly and personalized access with a ID card or a Biometric reader.
  • Supports emergency conditions that demand rapid and immediate distribution
  • A single Multilocker can handle items that vary in size, color or type.
  • No need for individual RFID.

230V 50 Hz / 115V 60 Hz

Dimensions T26:

Overall dimensions: 65 (w) x 215 (h) cm

Cell dimensions: 31 (w) x 14 (h) cm.

Cell door: 23 x 13 cm.

Dimensions T34:

Overall dimensions: 65 (w) x 215 (h) cm

Cell dimensions: 30 (w) x 11 (h) cm.

Cell door: 23 x 10 cm.