Polytex Towel Rental – Your Students Deserve a Clean Towel

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Polytex towel rental program for recreation centers enables managers to offer their students convenient towel services while maintaining complete control over their towels and reducing overhead. Say goodbye to towel loss, excessive towel use, dirty towels left on the locker room floor, and the unnecessary labor involved in handling, collecting, and laundering towels. Instead, say hello to reduced overhead and higher service standards.

Control your towel inventory Allow students to take only a pre-assigned number of towels. Students return soiled towels before taking additional ones.

Reduce your costs With Polytex towel rental unit in place, managers can control the expenses associated with students’ towel usage.

Improve your service Operation is easy, students simply swipe their Student ID or pre-paid card to take towels and return them after their gym workout.

Improve hygiene standards Students are unable to touch and browse through towels. Each towel is dispensed individually, ensuring high standards of hygiene.

Save space The small footprint towel unit can be placed almost anywhere in the gym area.

Choose RFID Tracking (Optional) RFID tags embedded in the towels enable tracking of each towel, for easy monitoring of the towel inventory.