“With Polytex, I know exactly when I should refill the machines with fresh clothing. We are very independent, and therefore, highly efficient, both in operating the systems and taking care of technical issues”. Yochanan Trablsi, Textiles Manager



The Challenge

Rambam Hospital, the largest hospital in northern Israel with 2,000 beds, is a long-time Polytex customer. It acquired its first Polytex systems in 2009, and now, 10 years later, is using 13 Polytex workwear management systems. Over time, as it grew and changed, the hospital needed to purchase additional systems. Rambam was looking to introduce more departments and their employees to the efficient Polytex automated system, to elevate hygiene levels for the entire hospital. With that, the hospital needed to support the unique requirements of its diverse and growing workforce. Employees speak numerous different languages, and many are new immigrants who are unable to follow written instructions in the local language.


The Solution

Initially, Rambam Hospital began using Polytex for specific roles in the hospital, such as operating room staff. Eventually it added systems to support all employee populations, such as kitchen and maintenance workers. Today, Rambam hospital quickly and easily monitors and controls the expanding workwear management workflow with multiple Polytex systems, in-house laundry services, and the Polytex Manager app. Working together with Polytex to improve user engagement, the hospital incorporated an innovative solution for its diverse staff. With icon-based instructions, all 3000 employees now have easy, 24/7 access to clean uniforms.


The Results

With its innovative user-friendly interface, the Polytex workwear management helped Rambam significantly improve and maintain high hygiene levels and accommodate employees across all departments. In addition, the hospital can easily control and manage inventory level with a smooth, time and cost-efficient automated process that supports its independent workwear management capabilities.

Operational efficiency: Polytex machines improve management processes and reduce costs due to lost, misplaced, or damaged clothing. With their high throughput, delivering items within 8-10 seconds, and high-capacity clothing storage, the Polytex systems efficiently support Rambam’s growing workforce while reducing the hospital’s workwear inventory levels per employee.

Improved availability: 24/7 availability at convenient multiple locations in the hospital and a user-friendly interface provide better access and improved employee satisfaction.

Improved hygiene standards: With 24/7 availability, all hospital employees can routinely change their workwear every day, even more than one set a day, as needed. Frequent changes ensure workwear consistently meets hospital hygiene standards.

Effective monitoring and tracking: With the Polytex Manager, the hospital can easily control the entire hospital’s workwear inventory, while smoothly incorporating additional Polytex systems as needed.


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