Scrub Dispensing Ease and Efficiency

2With Cintas, the scrubs that doctors and staff need are always available and easy to access. The advanced design and capability of Cintas’ Polytex™ dispensers ensure convenient, hassle-free scrub availability.

• Tops and bottoms dispensed separately by size • Ability to dispense scrub jackets • Advanced software tracks usage and inventory • Multiple dispenser sizes and capacity levels • Optional free-standing or in-wall return units • Works with existing hospital identification cards • Digital pictures taken when scrubs are returned help ensure compliance • All garments conveniently dispensed at an ergonomic height • Graphic instructions guide first-time users through the simple dispensing and return processes

Industry-Leading Apparel Care Expertise

Cintas’ comprehensive process and infrastructure designed specifically for garments ensure adherence to healthcare laundry cleaning guidelines, timely delivery and efficient stocking.

  •  Specially designed pick up and delivery equipment
  •  Proprietary wash formula designed to meet CDC recommendations for processing healthcare garments
  •  Soil separation throughout the process from pickup to delivery
  • Thorough garment inspection and replacement as needed
  • Individually poly-bagged garments provide superior cleanliness from laundry to wearer
  • Trucks designed specifically to meet healthcare customer needs
  1. Easy to clean
  2. Easy to load and unload
  3. Segregation between soiled and clean product

Scrub Processing Guidelines

Cintas’ proprietary wash process closely monitors all scrub garments for cleanliness, from start to finish. Using the CDC recommended wash formula means you are guaranteed hygienically clean garments every time. Using peroxide instead of bleach means garments maintain their color and fabric integrity, providing a longer-lasting professional appearance.

Comfort with a Professional Touch

Too often, healthcare professionals have been burdened with inferior, ill-fitting, uncomfortable scrub garments. Providing quality garments has traditionally not been a priority for healthcare facilities primarily because of their inability to control inventory. But by fixing the control problem, Cintas is able to provide crisp, professional appearance with comfort and wearer-tested durability. Coded by Landau™ premium scrubs bring retail-inspired comfort and satisfaction to the healthcare workplace.

  • Retail-inspired fit and feel
  • Made of comfortable 65%/35% polyester-cotton blend
  • Nine, unisex sizes: XS – 5XL
  • Available in four standard colors
  • Color-coded by size

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