”Polytex helped us regain control over the workwear management process. With the right automated solution in place, everything is more organized, clear, and clean”. Vicktorya Guvenilir, Housekeeping Manager, Sheraton Tel-Aviv.



The Challenge

Sheraton Tel-Aviv, a luxury 318-room hotel that is part of the leading global hotel chain Marriott, faced excessive expenses as a result of inefficient workwear management. Keeping track of workwear turnaround had become extremely difficult, and the chain was spending more and more money and resources to replace lost and damaged clothing. Sheraton Tel-Aviv urgently needed an automated solution to control the workwear management process and improve speed and efficiency.



The Solution

Sheraton Tel-Aviv implemented the Polytex automated workwear management solution in early 2019. Now, each of the hotel’s 300 employees receives clean clothing on a daily basis, accessible according to their personal work schedule. Employees are allocated a pre-determined amount of workwear sets, on a debit-credit basis. Each time an employee returns an item of workwear, they get a credit for a replacement. The new process has been easily adopted by the laundry services provider, facilitating smooth and streamlined operations.

Beyond managing employee garments, the Polytex solution is applicable to a further range of challenges in the hospitality arena, including the dispensing of towels for hotel guests.



The Results

With Polytex’s fully automated garment management solution, Sheraton Tel-Aviv significantly increased its control over the workwear replacement process and reduced unnecessary expenses due to lost, misplaced and damaged clothing. In addition, the system enabled the hotel to maintain high standards of cleanliness and improve employee appearance, productivity, and satisfaction.

Increased productivity: Polytex’s dispensing solution provides 24/7 availability, allowing Sheraton Tel-Aviv employees to quickly receive their clean clothing, saving precious workwear management time and unnecessary hassle.

Effective monitoring and tracking: With Polytex’s Manager app, Sheraton Tel-Aviv is able to keep track of each item of clothing and avoid costly misplacements. Cost savings: By helping to keep work wear available for use, instead of being left in employees’ homes or lockers, the Polytex system is saving Sheraton Tel-Aviv the costs of unnecessary replacements and over-stocking, cutting losses and wear and tear.

Professional appearance: By improving the dispensing and retrieving process, Polytex helped Sheraton Tel-Aviv protect its workwear and demonstrate its prestigious reputation through neatly dressed employees.

Improved processes: The automated workwear management solution improved management processes and enables the Sheraton on Tel Aviv to focus on its core business – hosting guests and offering an enhanced experience.

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