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Polytex is the global leader in workwear management solutions.

We deliver innovative “digital first” technologies that help our customers to increase operational efficiency, improve convenience, reduce costs and create visibility and control across all daily operations.

Trusted industry experts

Polytex solutions give you ‘peace-of-mind’ and help you to maintain a safe and efficient working environment in full compliance to industry requirements. With over two decades of industry experience in the laundry industry and more than 4,000 machines installations worldwide, Polytex has gained a solid reputation as global leader and trusted solution provider of workwear management solutions.


Monitor and control your textile operations and increase hygiene levels with convenient, self-serivce textile management automation.


Increase your customer and employee experience. Harness the power of hospitality textile management automation.


Focus on your core business operations by implementing a workwear management automation process.

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How it works

Polytex delivers a fully automated workwear distribution and collection solution with 24/7 full service availability. Polytex is the de-facto leading brand in automated industrial-grade workwear management solutions. As a pioneer in workwear management solutions, we have gained a solid reputation as a trusted solution provider backed by thousands of successful deployments and satisfied customers worldwide.

Embrace digital transformation to increase operational efficiency

Polytex process-driven digital transformation technologies help customers to increase resiliency, improve operational efficiency and promote long-term business sustainability.

Value proposition

Polytex offers reliable workwear management solutions, with less cost per employee, accurate usage tracking and high operational efficiency.

  • Convenient digital experience

    Deploy a fully automated, hassle free process,with reliable 24/7 clothing availability at convenient multi-point locations.

  • Lower cost per employee

    Eliminate use of costly storage space,reduce inventory levels and laundry costs through standardized size-based distribution.

  • Hands-Free hygienic process

    Store and distribute all garments in a closed, clean and sealed environment with no mutual handling throughout the entire workwear management life cycle.

  • Accurate usage tracking

    Maintain a high level of hygenic standards, track actual workwear usage and generate actionable alerts to ensure availability.

  • High operational efficiency

    Streamline workwear management activities with easy to operate, multipoint machines located at convenient locations.

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Full Cycle Solution

Polytex leverages a wide range of digital technologies to create a fully automated workwear management system and a highly efficient customer experience for users.

Operational Efficiency
Calculate your annual cost savings

Workwear inventory and laundry costs are a big percentage of your annual operational budget. Use our free, no-obligation online calculator to find out how much you save each year when you deploy a Polytex solution across your organization.

Your potential yearly saving in USD:


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Selected Customers

Polytex delivers fresh, clean and hygienic workwear every day to tens of thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

  • Atra Zeneca
  • Bayer
  • Roche logo customer of Polytex
  • Scrub machines uni freiburg logo customer of Polytex
  • Scrub machines Ichilov medical center
  • Sheraton logo customer of Polytex
  • Philips logo customer of Polytex

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