Total Care Workwear Management Solutions

Health and Hygiene Comes First!

Polytex helps customers fight the spread of viruses, bacteria and contamination. Our products increase the level of hygiene and safety for healthcare professionals, hotel workers and guests, sports clubs, swimming pools and fitness facilities.

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Our Value Proposition

Polytex offers reliable, automated laundry dispensing and return solutions, with lower cost per employee, accurate usage tracking and high operational efficiency.

  • Reliable Total-Care Service

    Deploy a fully automated, hassle-free process, with reliable 24/7 clothing availability at convenient multi-point locations.

  • Lower Cost Per Employee

    Eliminate use of costly storage space, reduce inventory levels and laundry costs through standardized size-based distribution.

  • Accurate Usage Tracking

    Maintain a high level of hygienic standards, track actual workwear usage and generate actionable alerts to ensure availability.

  • High Operational Efficiency

    Streamline workwear management activities with easy to operate, multipoint machines located at convenient locations.

  • Hands-Free Hygienic Process

    Store and distribute all garments in a closed, clean and sealed environment with no manual handling throughout the entire workwear management lifecycle.

How It Works

Polytex delivers a fully automated workwear distribution and collection solution with 24/7 full service availability. Polytex is the de-facto leading brand in automated industrial-grade workwear management solutions. As a pioneer in workwear management solutions, we have gained a solid reputation as a trusted solution provider backed by thousands of successful deployments and satisfied customers worldwide.

Polytex - a full cycle solution Steps in the polytex full cycle solution. step 1 - load the items into the dispensing unit. step 2 - your workers collect the items from the dispensing unit. step 3 - your workers return the items to the retun unit. step 4 - collect the item, wash them and return them to be dispensed.

Our Customers

Polytex delivers fresh, clean and hygienic workwear every day to tens of thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

  • astra zeneca
  • uni freiburg
  • mount sinai
  • sheraton established 1939

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