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Automated Laundry Management Services

Polytex enables your business to optimize the management of your laundry and uniform rental services, improve availability and strengthen customer loyalty with automated laundry management services.

Customer Benefits

Polytex solutions offer tangible and measurable benefits for laundry businesses serving high-volume customers

  • Monitor and control workwear inventory levels

    Efficient Laundry Cycle Operation

    Monitor and control your laundry operations with accurate, real time data coverage for all laundry activities. Increase realiability with timely delivery and availability of workwear items for all your customers.

  • Superior Hotel Guest Experience

    Value Added Rental Services

    Offer a wide range of value-added services to your customers including deployment of automated dispensing and return units, garment tracking, inventory management and workwear monitoring capabilities.

  • Reduce cost of industry workwear and clean room garments

    Accurate Billing Reports

    Track customer orders with accurate scheduling, collection and delivery reports for each laundry batch. Increase your reporting capabilities with detailed data relating to number of regular and express services, type of laundry activity and quantity of items.

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    Increased Customer Loyalty

    Create a superior customer experience based on reliable service, efficient operation and detailed billing reports. Extend customer retention through the deployment of dispensing and return units to “lock-in“ customers to your service offering.

Our Customers

Polytex delivers fresh, clean and hygienic workwear every day to tens of thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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Operational Efficiency

Improve Garment Tracking Capabilities

With the Polytex Garment Tracker you know exactly where your customer garments are located. The Polytex Garment Tracker helps you to identify and record hundreds of workwear items received by your laundry service as well as when they are returned to the customer. RFID tags ensure there is no loss during the laundry process and enables accurate billing to control laundry service costs.

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Customer Service

Ensure Availability and High Quality of Service

When you deploy the Polytex TotalCare Manager you know the exact status of your workwear inventory for all machines located at different customer sites. With the Polytex TotalCare Manager you can identify which machine needs to be reloaded, with the exact type, size and color of workwear items for each department across all customer sites.

Inventory Management

Gain Control Over Inventory Costs

The cost of purchasing new workwear items to replace lost or damaged items can have a significant impact your business. With Polytex, you can identify which items need to be purchased in which size and color based on actual usage data. You can also accurately record the quantity of stained or damaged items sent by your customers.

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Case Study

Cintas Selects Polytex to Serve Over One Million Customers

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cintas Corporation provides highly specialized laundry products and services to over one million customers that range from independent auto repair shops to large hotel chains. Working closely with Polytex Technologies, Cintas operates nearly 500 facilities in North America- including five manufacturing facilities and eleven distribution centers.

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