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Monitor and control your clothing operation and increase hygiene levels with convenient, automated self-service workwear management.

Customer Benefits

Polytex solutions offer tangible and measurable benefits across the entire customer organization.

  • Complete Monitor and Control

  • Simplify Inventory Management

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

  • Increase Hygiene Standards

Our Customers

Polytex delivers fresh, clean and hygienic workwear every day to tens of thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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Protect Medical Teams Patients and Public Health

Hygiene standards in hospital units must be maintained at a high level and medical teams need a consistent supply of clean scrubs to prevent contamination and the spread of viruses and bacteria. Polytex solutions ensure that medical teams get clean and fresh workwear via a fully automated closed system unit featuring hands-free dispensing and collection of items. Our cloud based workwear management application supports the lifecycle to monitor turnover and inventory levels, and ensure 24/7 availability at multiple location points across the entire hospital.

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Create a Convenient No-hassle Environment

With Polytex personalized solutions, medical teams get the right item of clothing in the right size at the right location whenever they need them. Medical staff simply swipe a personalized magnetic card to collect and return workwear items from a Polytex machine located at a convenient location anywhere in the hospital. The Polytex TotalCare Management system automatically identifies when a machine is out of stock and sends an alert specifying which items of workwear need to be refilled for which location.

Customer Testimonials

Track Scrubs Turnover and Control Inventory

The cost of purchasing new scrubs to replace lost or non-returned items can have a significant impact on the hospital opera ons budget. With Polytex, hospitals can track workwear usage and returns by providing medical staff with a personalized magnetic swipe card. By automating the workwear distribution process, hospitals can track non-returned clothing items, simplify inventory management processes, control laundry service costs and ensure accurate availability of workwear items for each department.

Polytex Increases Efficiency at Rambam Hospital

"With Polytex solutions I know exactly when to refill the machines with fresh clothing. Polytex made sure we are entirely independent and highly efficient in the daily opera on and maintenance of our workwear".

Yochanan Trablsi
Textile Manager, Rambam Hospital

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Polytex Reduces Costs and Increases Customer Satisfaction

"Embracing the Polytex solution is one of the smartest moves we could have made. It completely transformed the garment management process and created a more pleasant work environment."

Yehuda Stauber
Hospital Warehouse Manager, Lowewenstein Hospital

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