Polytex Solutions


Increase your customer experience with convenient, automated self-service
workwear management and towel tracking technology.

Customer Benefits

Polytex solutions offer tangible and measurable benefits across the entire customer organization.

  • Strengthen Your Dress Code Policy

  • Increase Customer Convenience

  • Reduce Lost Items and Costs

  • Simplify Inventory Management

Our Customers

Polytex delivers fresh, clean and hygienic workwear every day to tens of thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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Strengthen Your Brand with Smartly Dressed Staff

The high standard of expectations of hotel guests goes way beyond clean bed sheets, and bathroom towels. Your guests expect to interact with smartly dressed, confident and professional staff who contribute to a superior hotel guest experience. Polytex provides a fully automated, uniform and workwear solution suitable for use by all hotel employees including reception desk clerks, porters and valets, room service staff, kitchen workers and restaurant waiters. With personalized 24/7, on-premise availability you can be confident that all hotel staff members will have daily fresh, clean uniforms to convey the right image to your guests.

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Sport and Fitness Centers

Deliver a Convenient Fitness Workout Experience

A towel and a locker are essential elements for any fitness workout session. In fact, coming to a fitness club with no towel usually means no workout. With Polytex solutions, fitness clubs can offer convenient towel and locker services with fast and easy access via a membership ID card or a "pay-per-use" swipe card. Our automated, electronic self-service units enable club members to collect and return items without the need to queue for service. Polytex offers a wide range of compact, space saving units that are suitable for use in any size fitness club facility.

Customer Testimonials

Holiday and Leisure Resorts

Cut the Cost of Your "Lost Towel" Budget

When you offer towels to guests, a key challenge is to keep track of them. This is a major recurring problem across the en re hospitality industry and it can have a significant impact on bottom-line profitability. Polytex solutions eliminate the "lost towel" syndrome with automated self-service towel dispensing and return units, based on easy-to-use RFID swipe card technology. Facility employees can accurately track towel usages and even bill the customer when a towel return is not registered in the system.

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