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Polytex delivers the most reliable, user friendly and cost-effective garment management system and solution available on the market.

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Feature Highlights

Ultra High-speed Workwear Dispensing

Eliminate employee queues in the workplace with automated distribution systems at an average dispensing speed of about 6 seconds per workwear item.

Optimized Workwear Storage Capacity and Variety

Smart cell configuration and flexible dispensing mechanisms enable high-capacity storage and a simple distribution solution for up to 1200 garments.

Fast and Simple User Authentication

Polytex offers flexible user authentication methods, including swipe card, contactless tap and biometric face recognition (optional).

Intuitive, Multi-lingual Touch Screen

Accessible panel design with a range of features including a large 15” screen, intuitive menu-driven navigation and easy swipe card interaction to ensure excellent customer service.

Innovative Robotic
Process Automation

Polytex machines contain a highly accurate robotic mechanism that identifies and grips a wide range of loose or packaged items.

Industry-standard Data
Security Protocols

Polytex solutions and cloud services fully comply with ISO-27001, SOC-2 security requirements and GDPR data privacy regulations.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

All machines conform to UL and CB European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

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Garment Management System FAQ

A garment management system is a comprehensive solution designed to manage and track uniforms and linens used in various organizations. It automates the distribution, collection, inventory management, and maintenance of garments, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations. In more simple terms, it can also be called a scrub vending management system.

A garment management system utilizes technologies such as RFID tags, barcodes, and specialized software to monitor the lifecycle of each garment. The system tracks garments from distribution to use, collection, laundering, and return to inventory. Users can access garments through automated dispensing units, and the system records each transaction for accurate inventory management. For example, a growing number of hospitals are using Polytex to manage their scrub inventory, creating more operational efficiency and saving time and costs.

Organizations that can benefit from a garment management system include hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels, manufacturing facilities, cleanrooms, and any business that requires the regular use and maintenance of uniforms or linens.

We also have a textile management system and solution for those who need to manage towels or laundry.

Benefits of a garment management system include improved inventory monitor and control, reduced garment loss and theft, enhanced compliance with industry regulations, lower operational costs, reduced environmental impact, better garment lifecycle management, and increased employee satisfaction due to reliable garment availability. And of course, peace of mind.

Choosing the right inventory management product depends on your organization’s specific needs, such as the volume of garments managed, the complexity of your inventory, and your existing infrastructure. A Polytex representative can conduct a needs assessment and recommend a tailored solution.

A garment management system can track data such as garment usage, distribution and collection times, inventory levels, laundering cycles, maintenance and repairs, user activity, and compliance with uniform policies.

Polytex garment management systems employ advanced security measures, including data encryption, user authentication, access controls, and regular security audits, to ensure that sensitive information is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Yes, the Polytex garment management system can generate detailed usage reports and analytics. These reports help organizations track garment utilization, identify trends, manage inventory more effectively, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations.

Training duration varies depending on the system’s complexity and the number of users, but typically, staff can be trained within a few days. Polytex offers comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to ensure smooth adoption and efficient use of the system.

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