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Polytex delivers the most reliable, user friendly and cost-effective workwear management solution available on the market.

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Yariv Matzliach
Chief Executive Officer, Polytex

Feature Highlights

Ultra High-speed Workwear Dispensing

Eliminate employee queues in the workplace with an average dispensing speed of about 6 seconds per workwear item.

Optimized Workwear Storage Capacity and Variety

Smart cell configuration and flexible dispensing mechanism enable high-capacity storage for up to 1200 garments.

Fast and Simple User Authentication

Polytex offers flexible user authentication methods, including swipe card, contactless tap and biometric face recognition (optional).

Intuitive, Multi-lingual Touch Screen

Accessible panel design with large 15” screen, intuitive menu-driven navigation and easy swipe card interaction.

Innovative Robotic
Process Automation

Polytex machines contain a highly accurate robotic mechanism that can identify and grip a wide range of loose or packaged items.

Industry-standard Data
Security Protocols

Polytex solutions fully comply with ISO-27001, SOC-2 security requirements and GDPR data privacy regulations.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

All machines conform t UL and CB European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

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