Textile Tracking

Track workwear item usage per employee and department with Polytex RFID garment tracking solutions.

Track workwear item usage per employee and department with Polytex RFID garment tracking solutions.

Solutions Highlights
Streamline Garment Trackingwith RFID tags

Polytex RFID garment tracking solutions enable you to generate real-time data for each stage of the workwear management process with high accuracy. Polytex garment tracking solutions support all types of RFID methods, including HF and UHF tags, and are fully customizable to meet any operational requirement and scale.

Customer Benefits

  • Track Laundry Wash Cycles: Wash cycle metrics help predict the end-of-life date for each garment. With RFID tags you can record the number of wash cycles per item and plan for future workwear inventory stock levels and purchases.
  • Ensure ESD Compliance: Maintain a high level of hygienic standards, track actual workwear usage and generate actionable alerts to ensure availability.
  • Reduce Loss and Theft: RFID tags provide accurate check-in and check-out data. Garments are automatically assigned to the person who retrieves the item from the dispensing unit and not to the person who returns the item.
  • Control Laundry Service Costs: Streamline workwear management activities with easy to operate, multipoint machines located at convenient locations.

How it works
Garment Tracking in Action

RFID tags are stitched, sealed or embedded into scrubs and workwear items. Each RFID tag provides a unique digital identifier to enable full tracking capabilities. When an item is used by an employee, the Polytex Dispensing and Return units capture each action and register the status of the workwear item in the Polytex Total Care Manager database. The unique item ID is registered even when a workwear item is returned by a different person.

Full cycle integration

Integrate the Polytex Garment Tracker solution with the Total Care Manager system to gain full control over your workwear operations. The Total Care Manager provides accurate real-time statistics and detailed reports for any item of workwear in your inventory.

  • Inventory Control: Monitor and control inventory level for usable workwear items.
  • Workwear Availability: Identify availability of items based on type, size and popularity.
  • Billing Audit: Ensure accurate billing and return of items from your laundry service.
  • Usage Data: Generate accurate usage and return data for each staff member.

Feature Highlights
Scale Tracking Capabilities for Any Volume of Garments

The Polytex solution is flexible, adaptable and suitable for deployment in any organization. With Polytex you can scale up your tracking capabilities to meet new and evolving business operation needs. Polytex tracks items and collects data across single and multi-site deployments with seamless integration to back-office workwear management applications. Our tracking solutions ensure accurate and reliable data analytics with high availability even during potential network or infrastructure failures.

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