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Exceptional service for both mother and baby, with added savings

Lis Maternity and Women’s Hospital implements Polytex’s Baby-Care system that helps new parents and newborns, as well as the medical teams. And it even saves money for the hospital.


During a routine tour conducted at the Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital with Polytex personnel, a new need emerged: finding a textile management solution that would fit the specific needs of mothers and newborns. Until then, the birthing families were provided with a stock of basic clothing, diapers, changing pads, and other items in a designated corner of the ward. The problem in that system, however, was obvious to the eye, with the messy piles it created constantly requiring organizing and refolding. Expensive inventory was lost due to excessive consumption, with no control over who was taking what. Plus, there was no ability to enforce sterility standards, with so many hands rummaging through the items and people potentially bringing contaminants into the hospital from outside.

After just six months of use it was clear: the Baby-Care system helps new parents and newborns, as well as the medical teams.
The responses from Lis are proof of the many advantages the Polytex machine offers. It even saves money for the hospital.


Polytex for Mom and Baby

When proven technology meets new needs, it may result in a surprising new product. Just ask the midwives at Baby Lis, a boutique maternity hospital, adjacent to the Ichilov Medical Center.
Are you familiar with the Polytex units available to medical teams, allowing them to take clean, new and ironed uniforms at the beginning of each shift, and return them there at the end?
In that exact same way, starting about six months ago, a Polytex unit started operating at the Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital; except, this time with the necessary everyday textiles for mothers and newborns.

The items you can get from the Baby-Care system:

  • Disposable changing pad
  • Reusable baby diaper
  • Disposable diapers
  • Baby T-shirt
  • Baby pants
  • Maternity robe
  • Bath towel

After just six months of use, it was clear, the Baby-Care garment management system helps new parents and newborns, as well as the medical teams. And it even saves money for the hospital.

How does it work?

Within the automatic distribution unit, clean textile items required by the mother and newborn are stored, ready for access whenever they need them.


  • Each mother and her family members staying with her at the hospital receive permission to withdraw items from the Baby-Care unit, according to pre-defined limitations.
  • Each person wearing the “birth bracelet” can scan it in front of the barcode reader on the unit.
  • They select one or multiple items by tapping the corresponding symbols on the unit’s screen. After confirming their selection, the items are dispensed through the designated opening on the unit.


To make its automated textile management system compatible, Polytex adapted its existing distribution unit to the specific needs of the maternity hospital. Within six months of operation, significant improvements were already clear:

Prioritizing mothers and newborns
Consistant availability of hygienic textile items relieves families from having to constantly attend to their needs, allowing them to rest more comfortably.
Cost savings
Procurement costs have decreased, with fewer items disappearing, and families taking only what they need.
24/7 availability
Items are available to families whenever they wish, freeing nursing staff to focus on providing medical care instead of dealing with the distribution of items.
Hygiene for mother and newborn
All items reach the mother and baby in maximal hygienic condition, with minimal human contact until use.
Pleasant and orderly department
Less storage space is required. The department is now organized and clean at all times.
Steady supply
Friction between the logistics team and the medical staff is reduced.
Accurate inventory
Utilizing data provided by the unit enables anticipation of inventory needs and proactive preparation.
Quality service
Improved service to customers, at no additional cost, enhances the reputation of the maternity ward.

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