Case Study

Deploy automated clean room garment management solution

ORBOTECH deploys Polytex automated clean room garment management to reduce workwear usage and stock levels, eliminate labor intensive tasks, and achieve full compliance to strict safety and hygiene requirements.


Orbotech is a global leader in the semiconductor industry and specializes in the production of printed circuit boards, electronic components and micro-mechanical systems for electronic manufacturers worldwide. The company production facilities are based extensively on the use of clean room environments that require specialized and costly workwear management processes.

Automated clean room garment management at Orbotech

Top Five Achievements

Polytex helped Orbotech to achieve these operational and financial goals:

  1. Reduce usage of workwear items by 30%.
  2. Eliminate 40 hours of labor intensive tasks per month.
  3. Full compliance to strict safety and hygiene requirements.
  4. Significant reduction in stock levels of workwear items.
  5. Automate workwear operations to other clean room facilities.
Orbotech customer review - Automated clean room garment management

Customer Testimonials

While we can measure the time and money we saved by implementing the Polytex system, it is impossible to quantify our level of enthusiasm and satisfaction with the results. Let’s just say it was enough to convince additional departments that automated garment management is the way to go”.

Tamir Ben Shimol

System Manufacturing Manager

Customer Needs

Orbotech was frustrated with the inefficient, labor intensive and time-consuming tasks involved in managing workwear items suitable for use in the company clean-rooms. The company spent over 8 hours a week on manual hygiene-related tasks and was eager to find a simple, cost-effective and automated standards based solution.


  • Automate Workwear Operations: Deploy an efficient solution to manage workwear items for large scale clean room facilities.
  • Maintain ESD Safety Regulations: Reduce the complexity and cost of ESD compliant workwear laundry operations.
  • Monitor and Track Level of Hygiene: Ensure that all clean room uniforms undergo proper laundry processing without home laundering or use of detergents.

The Solution

To meet Orbotech requirements, Polytex made these recommendations:

  • Automated Units: Polytex recommended the deployment of two D200 Dispensing units. These units enable Orbotech to automate the workwear management process and optimize the use of space.
  • Distributed Locations: To increase convenience and save time for employees, Polytex identified an ideal location for the distribution of workwear items.
  • Usage Tracking: The Polytex Total-Care Manager was installed to support the entire garment distribution cycle including item management, employee permissions and accurate usage tracking.


The Polytex solution had a huge impact on the daily operation of the Orbotech clean-room facilities. The Polytex solution achieved these results:

Cost Reduction
Orbotech reduced the number of items used by employees by over 30% and saved over 8 work hours per week in labor intensive laundry tasks.
Safety and Hygiene Compliance
The Orbotech workwear laundry process is fully compliant to required health and safety regulations.
Workwear Monitoring
Orbotech can now track and analyze the workwear inventory via the Polytex Total-Care Manager.

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