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Automate workwear management to empower hospital workforce

RAMBAM HOSPITAL deploys Polytex workwear management solutions to automate workwear management, empower multi-cultural hospital workforce, increase efficiency and reach a igher level of hygiene and less risk of contamination.


Located in the north of Israel, Rambam Health Care Campus is a 1000-bed world-class hospital serving more than two million patients. The hospital operates as a regional medical facility and offers healthcare treatment to a diverse multi-cultural patient population. The hospital also serves as a healthcare training center with a growing flux of hospital staff who speak different languages.

scrubs dispenser, scrub machines - Rambam automates workwear management to empower hospital workforce

Top Five Achievements

Polytex helped the Rambam Healthcare Campus to achieve these goals

  1. Increased storage capacity and high availability.
  2. Supports independent, in-house laundry service.
  3. Simple multi-cultural icon based user interface.
  4. Complete visibility across all hospital departments.
  5. Higher level of hygiene and less risk of contamination.
Rambam customer review - Automate workwear management to empower hospital workforce

Customer Testimonials

With Polytex, I know exactly when I should refill the machines with fresh clothing. We are very independent, and therefore highly efficient, both in operating the systems and taking care of technical issues.

Yochanan Trablsi

Textiles Manager

Customer Needs

Rambam hospital first introduced Polytex workwear solutions in 2009 and currently has 13 installed workwear management systems. The hospital undertook an expansion program to increase the level of hygiene in other departments and increase availability for all 3,000
hospital employees.


  • High Volume Self-Service: The hospital required fast self-service throughput to support the entire workforce.
  • Full Life-Cycle Support: The hospital required support for independent in-house laundry services as part of the workwear management process.
  • Inventory Control: The hospital required complete visibility for all workwear items across the various departments.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The user interface needed to be icon based and suitable for use by staff who do not speak the local language.

The Solution

To support the hospital expansion project, Polytex made these recommendations:

  • Automated Units: Polytex recommended the hospital expand the number of Dispensing and Return units. These units enable the hospital to service maintenance and kitchen staff in addition to operating room staff.
  • Distributed Locations: To increase convenience, Polytex recommended the new units be deployed in various locations across the hospital in close proximity to the department work areas.
  • Inventory Management: To improve the supply of workwear items, Polytex recommended the hospital introduce a computerized inventory management system for non-personalized workwear items.
  • Usage Tracking: Polytex recommended integration of the Polytex Manager application to create visibility across the dispensing units, return units and inventory system.


The deployment of the Polytex solution had a significant impact on daily workwear operations. The Polytex solution achieved these results:

Increased Operational Efficiency
Polytex offers high throughput (8-10 seconds) and high capacity clothing storage for a workforce of 3,000 employees.
Improved Availability
Polytex offers 24/7 self-service distribution and return units located in multiple locations and featuring an intuitive icon-based user interface.
Effective Monitoring and Control
The hospital textile department has full visibility and control over workwear management items across all departments.
Higher Level of Hygiene
 The distribution of sealed garments and hands-free distribution led to a higher level of hygiene and less risk of contamination.

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