Case Study

Reduce costs and gain control over hotel staff uniforms

SHERATON HOTEL deploys Polytex workwear management solutions to gain high visibility and control over staff uniforms, reduce costs, simplify operations, and smart-up the professional appearance of the hotel staff.


Sheraton Tel-Aviv is a luxury, 318-room five star hotel serving tourists and business guests since 1977. The hotel belongs to the prestigous Marriott hotel chain, recognized worldwide for its commitment to the highest standards in hospitality, service and cleanliness. To maintain these standards, Sheraton Tel-Aviv faced significant high costs relating to the management of staff uniforms, towels and linen.

Sheraton Reduce costs and gain control over hotel staff uniforms

Top Five Achievements

Polytex helped the Sheraton Tel-Aviv Hotel to
achieve these goals:

  1. High visibility and control over staff uniforms.
  2. Simplified operations for a highly complex laundry process.
  3. Significant reduction in cost for replacement of uniforms.
  4. Smart, clean and professional appearance of staff uniforms.
  5. Increased convenience and satisfaction for hotel staff.
Sheraton hotel case study - Reduce costs and gain control over hotel staff uniforms

Customer Testimonials

We are always looking for solutions which improve productivity and processes through automation. With the Polytex solution, we were able to improve management of uniform inventory and distribution, which ultimately results in cost savings. It also helps that the system is user friendly and is integrated with our third party uniform launderer. With Polytex and the automated uniform management solution, we can focus on our core business of welcoming our guest to the world’s gathering place.

Kim Merzel

Director of Finance, Sheraton Tel Aviv

Customer Needs

Keeping track of uniforms for over 300 employees together
with the need to perform frequent laundry cycles became
extremely difficult and time-consuming. Also, the cost for
replacement of lost and damaged uniforms continued
to grow from year-to-year. To solve these problems, the
Sheraton Tel-Aviv hotel recognized a need to implement a
more efficient, automated workwear management system.


The hotel management team defined these operational

  • Keep Track of Staff Uniforms: Identify the number of uniforms assigned to each employee.
  • Extend Uniform Lifespan: Reduce the number of lost or damaged uniforms.
  • Increase Availability and Convenience: Improve the distribution process of uniforms to employees to save valuable work time.
  • Reduce Operational Complexity: Eliminate inefficient workwear management and laundry processes.

The Solution

To meet the requirements of the Sheraton Tel-Aviv hotel, Polytex made these recommendations:

  • Automated Units: Polytex recommended the deployment of the D300 Dispensing units and R110 Return units. These automated self-service units reduce complexity and save time for hotel employees.
  • Use of Non-Personal Uniforms: To reduce complexity and increase availability, Polytex recommended the distribution of non-personal uniforms to hotel staff.
  • Usage Tracking: Polytex recommended deployment of the Total-Care Management application to track the collection and return of uniforms from the dispensing and return units.
  • Inventory Management: To monitor and control stock levels, Polytex deployed the Total-Care Manager to increase visibility relating to lost or non-returned items.


The Polytex solution improved hotel workwear managment operations and achieved these results:

Workwear Monitoring
Employees no longer leave uniforms at home or in personal lockers reducing the number of lost items.
Reduced Costs
The hotel reduced over-stocking of replacement uniforms by increasing the number of returned items and making a transition from personal to non-personal distribution of uniforms.
Uniform Life-span
The hotel can extend the life-span of garments by controlling the frequency of laundry cycles for each department
Accessibility and Convenience
Employees benefit from fast and convenient self-service collection and return of uniforms.
Dress Code and Appearance
Hotel staff receive clean uniforms and have more time to dress and prepare before they start work.
Automated Processes
The hotel eliminated inefficient manual workwear management processes and to allocate more resources to the improvement of hospitality services.

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