Case Study

Gain full control over workwear management costs

TARO PHARMA deploys Polytex workwear management solutions to gain full control over workwear management costs, reach a high level of hygiene and compliance to standards, minimize physical footprint of floor space, and increase workwear cost-efficiency.


Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a research-based international pharmaceutical company that develops high-quality, proprietary and off-patent pharmaceuticals for markets in the US, Canada, Israel and other countries around the world. The company needed an automated solution to reduce the high cost of garment and workwear management operations for it‘s research and production facilities.

Taro case Study - Full control over workwear management costs

Top Five Achievements

Polytex helped the Taro management team to achieve these goals:

  1. 20% reduction in workwear management costs.
  2. Full control over workwear managment operations.
  3. 20% reduction in purchase of new workwear garments.
  4. High level of hygiene and compliance to standards.
  5. Minimal physical footprint of floor space.
Taro customer review - Full control over workwear management costs

Customer Testimonials

We started saving money the moment we began working with Polytex. Now, garment management makes perfect sense and we know exactly how much is spent and why.

Gal Kiselstein

Site Services and EHS Manager

Customer Needs

The company needed to gain a full understanding of workwear management operations to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maintain compliance to pharma
industry hygiene standards. The Taro management team also expressed a need to improve availability, increase convenience and ensure a smooth transition to a new fully
automated solution.


The Taro management team defined these operational requirements:

  • Identify Costly “Blind-Spots”: Gain full visibility over workwear usage needs and operations.
  • Monitoring and Control: Implement a reliable automated method to create an efficient process..
  • Increase Availability and Convenience: Provide around-the–clock distribution of uniforms to employees and save valuable work time
  • Optimal Use of Space: Taro required a solution with a minimal physical footprint to save valuable floor space.

The Solution

To meet Taro operational requirements, Polytex made these recommendations:

  • Automated Units: Polytex recommended the deployment of four D200 automated self-service garment dispensing systems.
  • Location of Units: To save time and increase availability, Polytex identified the most convenient locations for deployment of the dispensing units.
  • Usage Tracking: Polytex recommended deployment of the Total-Care Management application to track the collection and return of garments by employees.
  • Inventory Management: The Polytex solution enables Taro to monitor and control stock levels with increased visibility relating to lost or non-returned items.


The Polytex solution improved workwear management operations and achieved these results:

Reduced Costs
Taro reduce its operational cost by 20%. This initial expense-cut was subsequently followed by an additional 20% reduction as a result of a decreased need for garment purchases.
Monitoring and Control
Taro gained real-time visibility and is able to increase operational efficiency by identifying which units are used most frequently.
Increase in Level of Hygiene
Taro implemented a fully automated solution for the distribution of sealed workwear items in full compliance to pharma industry standards.
Seamless Transition
Polytex provided on-site training to all employees to ensure a smooth transition and efficient operation of the new automated system.

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