Case Study

Optimize pharmaceuticals workwear management life cycle

TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS deploys Polytex automated workwear management solutions to optimize pharmaceuticals workwear management life cycle, reach a high level of hygiene and compliance to standards, and gain peace-of-mind and focus on core business activities.


Teva is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world with 50,000 employees producing approximately 3,500 different products that serve nearly 200 million people in 60 countries. As a global leader, Teva needs to maintain the highest level of hygiene for a huge volume of workwear item for thousands of employees on a daily basis.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA) case study - Optimize pharmaceuticals workwear management life cycle

Top Five Achievements

Polytex helped the Teva management team to
achieve these goals:

  1. Supports the entire workwear management life-cycle.
  2. Accurate assignment of personalized workwear items.
  3. Drastic reduction in manual time-consuming activities.
  4. High level of hygiene and compliance to standards.
  5. Peace-of-mind and focus on core business activities.
teva customer review - Optimize pharmaceuticals workwear management life cycle

Customer Testimonials

Polytex understood our specific needs right away and provided us with excellent technology and service. For over a decade now, the company’s superb standards and close support give Teva clean garments and a clear mind.

Avi Shukrun,

Logistics Manager

Customer Needs

Teva spent a great deal of time and manual labour to
manage the employee garment inventory life cycle which
led to a huge waste of valuable organizational resources.
To handle the scale and gain control over the complexity
and cost of workwear management operations, Teva
concluded it need a reliable, fully automated, self-service


The Teva managment team defined these operational

  • Reduce Complexity: Deploy an automated full cycle
    solution with minimum manual labor.
  • Personalized Workwear: Assign the appropriate
    garment to each employee with full usage tracking
  • Availability and Accessibility. Enable convenient,
    around-the–clock distribution and return of
    workwear to employees.
  • Monitoring and Control: Gain full visibility over
    workwear usage needs and inventory levels.

The Solution

Polytex has worked with Teva for over a decade and provides on-going support at five different manufacturing locations.

  • Automated Units: Polytex has deployed 22 dispensing systems and 20 return systems across Teva production facilities.
  • Location of Units: The deployment of the dispensing and return units in the right location saves time and increases convenience for Teva employees.
  • Usage Tracking: The Polytex TotalCare Management application enables Teva to accurately track the collection and return of garments by employees.
  • Inventory Management: The Polytex solution enables Teva to monitor and control stock levels with increased visibility relating to lost or non-returned items.


The Polytex solution improved workwear managment operations and achieved these results:

Increased Productivity
Polytex ensure a more efficient workflow. Dispensing and returning of workwear items takes only seconds saving valuable time for employees.
Less Manual Operations
Teva reduced the need for manual operations drastically leading to a direct saving in dedicated workwear management personnel.
Reduced Costs
 Teva reduced operational costs with automated, self-service and accurate usage track of workwear items.
Compliance to Standards
Teva implemented a fully automated solution for the distribution of sealed workwear items in full compliance to pharma industry standards.

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