Polytex launches new, cloud-based workwear management system, Total Care Manager: Version 8

Published on: September 29, 2021

A secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based web application for tracking workwear consumption, usage trends and inventory levels that empowers managers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve user satisfaction.

Israeli workwear management company Polytex Technologies today announced the launch of its new workwear management system for use with Polytex automated workwear dispensing and collection machines, Total Care Manager: Version 8. Offering extensive, real-time visibility into workwear usage and trends, the new system provides the timely insight needed to ensure workwear availability and improve quality of service.

As a cloud-based system, the Total Care Manager: Version 8 supports organizations’ digital transformation. It offers easy, plug and play installation and remote maintenance, freeing up IT resources. With its smooth and modern user experience, it enables site managers and laundry service providers to fully control workwear operations with unprecedented ease and flexibility.

Full security, Complete peace of mind

With Total Care Manager: Version 8, workwear operations can be securely managed from anywhere, via any internet-connected device.
Hosted in the Microsoft Azure environment, all data is fully protected, in compliance with the SOC 2 and ISO27001 data security standards and GDPR and is fortified with multi-level threat prevention and policy-based data privacy provisions.

Robust and scalable cloud hosting delivers high availability. Data backups, ongoing software updates are automatically deployed, with no interruption to operations.

Real-time monitoring, actionable insights

The intuitive interface enables even new users to quickly become power users with little or no training. The real-time dashboard enables managers to track the dispensing and return of each item and understand usage trends, for smarter decision-making on inventory, laundry service cycles, and more. User-configurable alerts and shareable reports keep all stakeholders informed about operational efficiency and performance.

Polytex Total Care Manager – Version 8
Polytex Total Care Manager – Version 8

Simple deployment and integration

Total Care Manager: Version 8 can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, including laundry service and ERP applications, via Restful APIs. Fast, remote installation and wizard-guided setup enables easy deployment without IT support.

“The introduction of our Total Care Manager: Version 8 is a technology revolution that offers huge benefits to everyone – our customers, our partners and us,” said Yariv Matzliach, CEO of Polytex. “I’m proud that Polytex is leading the industry in digital transformation and bringing all the security, efficiency and flexibility advantages of the cloud to workwear management.”

About Polytex

Established in 2003, Polytex Technologies is a leading provider of workwear management solutions. Polytex supports the entire workwear laundry lifecycle with a wide range of automated machines backed by centralized cloud management and monitoring applications. Our solutions are used by hospitals and healthcare institutions, manufacturing sites, hospitality, and fitness centers. Polytex has over two decades of field-proven industry experience in the delivery of large-scale commercial laundry services. Polytex has over 4,000 installed machines located in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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