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Textile Management Innovation

Polytex helps you to keep pace with new and evolving business needs by leading textile management innovation.

Why We Invest in Research and Development

We live in a fast-paced world of evolving technology change. To stay ahead of the pack, Polytex strives continuously to discover new technologies and products that can improve convenience, simplify processes and reduce opera on costs. Our ongoing investment in innovation and technology helps customers to be "future-ready" and adapt to new and evolving business needs and requirements.

Polytex new technologies and products

Multiple User Authentication Methods

Polytex enables organizations to control garment usage using various authenticationmethods. The choice of authentication method depends on the level of data securityand budget requirements of the customer.

User Authentication Options

  • Passcode Number: User enters a personal 4 digit code
  • Barcode: Cost effective high volume authentication method
  • Magnetic Swipe Card: User swipes magnetic ID card through machine reader
  • Contactless Tap Card: User places card in proximity to card reader
  • Face Recognition: Machine utilizes biometric face capture technology
Polytex authentication method to control workwear usage

Reliable and Secure Cloud Connectivity

The Polytex cloud platform simplifies the management of machine units, ensures data is always up-to-date and streamlines operational costs.

Benefits to Customers

  • Accessibility from any machine, anytime and anywhere
  • Fast and simple configuration – no need for internal IT experts
  • Realtime service and support & Proactive monitoring
  • High availability with 24/7 server uptime
  • Security compliance: ISO27001 and SOC2 data encryption
The Pollytex cloud platform which simplifies the management of machine units

Accurate and Efficient Garment Tracking

Polytex garment tracking solutions are purpose-built to meet the diverse needs and requirements of hospitals, hotels, industrial manufacturers sports and leisure centers.

Benefits to Customers

  • Track usage for any type of workwear item
  • Optimize laundry operation processes
  • Reduce lost clothing items and reduce purchasing costs
  • Simplify inventory management, auditing and billing processes
  • Improve quality of service and employee satisfaction

AI-Driven Garment and Textile Detection

Polytex integrates AI technologies into dispensing and return machine units to detect the type of garments used by your employees.

Benefits to Customers

  • Increase employee accountability
  • Identify return of non approved workwear items
  • Reduce need for high volume garment tracking
  • Improve accuracy of workwear inventory data
Polytex AI technologies integrated into dispensing and return machine units

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